Historical Weather Data  for  Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

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Please Note:
  • If you select a day beyond the last date of the month, the date will roll over into the following month, such as selecting February 31 will become March 3.

  • Currently, the maximum graph period is 800 days.

  • If you select a start date in the future, no graph will be produced.

  • If you select an end date beyond the current date the graph will be the requested number of days wide, but only data from the starting date to the current date will be plotted.

  • Temperature and barometer data recording started on January 28, 2000.   Wind and rain data started on October 23, 2000.   Relative humidity data was added on September 30, 2001. Therefore, there is no wind chill data prior to October 2000 and no heat index data prior to September 2001.

  • On the min/max temperature graphs, the point between the upper and lower end points is the average of all of the 144 temperature readings taken at 10 minute intervals for that day.

  • Graphs for more than a few months may take several seconds to be created. Please be patient.

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