Webcam MPEG Information

The window webcam is located in a second floor front window and shows a view of my front yard.  This camera is primarily intended to show ground conditions.

Starting in mid-November 2002 the live webcam pictures are being saved once a minute.  At the end of each hour, the images saved since midnight are used to create an MPEG movie clip for the day up to that point.  When the last MPEG movie for the day is created at 23:59 it is saved and at midnight the process starts over for the next day.

At any given time you can view the complete movie clip from the previous day or one for the current day from midnight to the end of the previous hour.

The MPEG file for a complete day typically runs about 2 MB and it will play the 1440 images collected at 16 frames per second.  This results in a full day being compressed into about 90 seconds.

March 19, 2013 : A new experimental Web cam (Camera 2) has been added.  It currently has the same view as Camera 1 but with a slightly more telephoto lens.  The images are being saved in native 640x480 mode which produces a video clip with a little more detail.  The camera also has IR night vision, however currently the camera is inside and the IR reflects off the glass and ruins the nighttime image.  Hopefully this will be corrected shortly.

Select the following MPEG movie clips:

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